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Athletic Training Program


Athletic Training Education Program Curriculum

Length and Structure of Program

The Athletic Training Education Program is a four-year academic program that leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training.  The curriculum consists of 120 credits with 74 credits in the athletic training major.  Of the 74 credits, 59 credits are lecture course and 15 credits are skill and practicum courses. The UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG provides the athletic training students with the course descriptions, prerequisites, as well as the admission and retentions policies.


The ATEP CURRICULUM PLANNED PROGRAM sheet clearly documents the four-year planned program for the athletic training student.  The ACADEMIC MAP should be utilized by the student to monitor: “Checkpoints” - the ideal time to complete a particular requirement; “Warnings”- milestone soon approaching that if missed could delay graduation; and “Milestones” – a program or degree requirement must be completed by this specific time in order to graduate in 4 years and/or continue in the Athletic Training Education Program.


A degree evaluation is a report that shows a student's progress towards their degree.  It shows requirements for the degree, pointing out which requirements have been met and which requirements still need to be met.  This is not an official document until it is confirmed by CCSU’s degree auditor. Undergraduate students at CCSU can run their own DEGREE EVALUATION by following these directions.  Students can also monitor their GPA by using the GPA CALCULATOR to ensure that both their major and university GPA remains 2.50 or better.