Africa Update

Africa Update is the quarterly newsletter of the African Studies Program at Central Connecticut State University.

Africa Update is available on-line. Use the links below to access the most current issue.

Vol. XXXI, 2024 (Current Issues)

Vol. XXXI, Issue 1: Winter 2024 Classical African Textiles; South Africa and the International Court of Justice; Asante Gold Artifacts

Vol. XXX, 2023

Vol. XXX. Issue 4: Fall 2023 - French - African Neo- Colonial Relations, and African Coups

Vol. XXX, Issue 3: Summer 2023 - The July 2023 Coup in Niger; Reparations

Vol. XXX, Issue 2: Spring 2023 - The 20th Annual Lecture on the Amistad, Central Connecticut State University

Vol. XXX, Issue 1: Winter 2023 - The Elizabethan Imperial Era, Colonial Plunder, and the Demise of Queen Elizabeth II

Vol. XXIX, 2022

Vol. XXIX, Issue 4: Fall 2022 - Funding African Universities, ASA 2023 & Conversations with Professor Abdul Bangura

Vol. XXIX, Issue 3: Summer 2022 - Nigeria Security Crises; African Airlines

Vol. XXIX, Issue 2: Spring 2022 - Pre-colonial Ibibioland, The African Origin of Civilization Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, New York; and Coping Strategies for Malaria

Vol. XXIX, Issue 1: Winter 2022 - More on Ancient and Contemporary Sudan

Vol. XXVII, 2021

Vol. XXVII, Issue 4: Fall 2021 - African Treasures - Sudan: Ancient and Contemporary

Vol. XXVII, Issue 3: Summer 2021 - African Treasures - Kwame Opoku's Quest for Justice

Vol. XXVII, Issue 2: Spring 2021 - The 18th Annual Lecture on the AMISTAD by Prof. Amadu Kaba of Seton Hall University

Vol. XXVII, Issue 1: Winter 2021 - A Tribute to Yima Sen, Salihu Bappa, and Balarabe Musa: Nigerian Scholar Activists and Political Change Makers

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