Italian Resource Center


The Italian Resource and Culture Center at CCSU (IRCC) was first established at Central Connecticut State University in 2004 in collaboration and with donations from the Consulate General of Italy in NYC, the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), the Connecticut Italian American Legislative Caucus Educational Fund Incorporated, the Connecticut Italian Teachers Association (CITA), and donations from the CCSU community at large.

The Advisory Board’s purpose is to support the IRCC’s activities. To facilitate the proper handling of the IRCC’s yearly budget, using it for new didactic acquisitions, multimedia materials, lectures and other events that promote the Italian Language, Literature and Culture in the State of Connecticut.


The Advisory Board will include: 1) faculty of the World Languages, Literatures and Cultures; 2) faculty and administrators from within the University; 3) University students; 4) community members. From this membership, an Executive Committee will be appointed to consist of a President, Secretary, and Administrator. Subcommittees may be formed as needed to plan events and fulfill other responsibilities.

The Advisory Board will meet on-line a minimum of two times each Fall and Spring semester, plus one time during the summer. Its appointed time will be an afternoon at a time that corresponds with the university’s class schedule.


The Advisory Board will provide input on planning and promoting activities/events that enhance the IRC’s visibility. These events may be in the form of collaboration with groups from within the university campus and from the larger external community. The advisory board also may contribute in other ways to fund-raising for the IRCC.

The Italian Resource Center (IRC) at Central Connecticut State University provides resources, support, and assistance to those interested in the Italian Language and Culture.

The IRC is equipped with books, multimedia materials, and cultural resources indispensable to the teaching and diffusion of the Italian Language and Culture.

By visiting the IRC, teachers and students of Italian can borrow a variety of didactic resources and receive assistance in their work and study.

The IRC is open to educational institutions, researchers, teachers, and to all those who are interested in the Italian Language, Culture, and Society.

The IRC regularly organizes professional development workshops for teachers of Italian in Connecticut and social activities related to Italy and the Italian American Community.

The IRC promotes and supports the teaching of Italian in Connecticut, thanks to the Partnership among the Consulate General of Italy in New York, and the department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of Central Connecticut State University, in collaboration with the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), and the Connecticut Legislative Caucus Educational Fund Incorporated, which sponsors and supervises its activities.

Ideas for a Proposal for the CCSU Italian Resource and Cultural Center

19.3% of Connecticut’s population claims Italian ancestry. Italian Americans are proud of their heritage and many desire to search for their roots and learn the language and culture of their ancestors. An advisory board should be established to expand the mission of the Italian Resource Center which is “to provide resources, support and assistance to those interested in the Italian language and culture.” One thing the advisory board could do is to work on a plan to expand the Italian Resource Center into the Italian Resource and Cultural Center. The center could then be responsible for being the cultural hub that connects the entire Italian and Italian American community in the service area of the University. The IRC has always provided programming related to the Italian and Italian American culture and by the expansion of the resource center the University could continue to establish more partnerships with the Italian American community. The group could also be involved in further fundraising activities in order to fund scholarships, community events and programming that showcase Italian culture. A yearly genealogy conference could also be held that would help Italian Americans to research their roots. Trips to Italy for the community and students could be co-sponsored by the University and Italian American organizations. This center would assist other local Italian American organizations to keep the Italian and Italian American culture alive in our area.

The advisory board would work to strengthen our present partnerships with the Department of World Languages at CCSU, the Consulate General of Italy, the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE) and the Connecticut Italian American Legislative Caucus Educational Fund Incorporated. The advisory board would also work to establish new partnerships with prominent Italian American alumni, teachers of Italian from local high schools, local Italian American businesses and local lodges of the Sons and Daughters of Italy and UNICO National. Italian Americans from the University Community, prominent Italian American alumni, alumni of the Italian program of CCSU, present students as well as students from partner organizations would have representatives on the advisory board.