Tobacco Education

Smoking Huts

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy campus environment. On our campus, smoking is prohibited everywhere on the campus--other than in five designated areas. Those are Kaiser Parking Lot and four smoking hut locations.

Smoking Hut Locations

  • Willard - DiLoreto Parking Lot
  • Behind Copernicus Hall
  • Between the Student Center and Welte Hall
  • Next to Sam May Residence Hall

*This policy applies to students, employees, contractors, and campus visitors.

Signs of Tobacco/Nicotine Issues

  • Use of nicotine within 20 minutes of awakening
  • Spending too much time and/or money on nicotine products
  • Mental health and/or health issues related to nicotine use

Concerns for Yourself

  • Seek professional help at Student Wellness Services. Services are FREE and confidential.
  • You are not alone, although it may feel that way
  • Find ways to distract yourself from nicotine/tobacco. Hang out with friends who don't smoke
  • Assess your relationship with nicotine/tobacco-how is it affecting work, school and relationships?
  • Make it inconvenient to smoke/vape-keep it in the trunk of your car

Concerns for Another

  • If you believe another person is having a problem with nicotine/tobacco, urge them to get help
  • To provide support in attending events that don't include the use of nicotine/tobacco such as Devil's Den @ 10PM
  • Seek advice from professionals at Student Wellness Services Counseling
  • Don't let their use become your problem-don't let yourself become the caretaker