Alcohol Education

Concerned about a friend? Want to learn more about alcohol for yourself?

Signs of Alcohol Issues

  • Binge drinking = 4 drinks for women and 5 drinks for men within 2 hours
  • Blackouts while drinking
  • Interferences with work, school and/or relationships
  • Consuming alcohol in the morning to feel better
  • Health problems associated with alcohol
  • Use of alcohol to cope with negative emotions

Concern for Another

  • If you believe another person is having a problem with alcohol, urge them to get help
  • Go with them to a self-help group - such as AA or We Care off campus. We Care meets Wednesdays at 8:00 pm at the St. Francis of Assisi Parish, 1755 Stanley Street
  • Provide support in attending non-alcohol related events such as Devil's Den @ 10 pm
  • Seek advice from professionals but be aware of maintaining boundaries and take care of yourself. You can help your friend, but do not let it consume every moment
  • Don't let their use become your problem - don't let yourself become the ongoing care-taker

Concern for Yourself

  • Seek professional help, Counseling at Student Wellness Services is free and confidential. Visit Willard-DiLoreto, 1st floor, or make an appointment today
  • You are not alone, although it may feel that way
  • Find ways to distract yourself from alcohol, hang out with friends who don't drink or drink in moderation (2 drinks or less per outing)
  • Assess your relationship with alcohol - how is it affecting work, school, and relationships?


What is a standard drink?

One way to eliminate risky drinking behaviors is to understand what a standard drink is and to keep track of the drinks consumed.


Chart of what is a standard drink

* Be mindful that alcohol is removed from your body through your liver at a rate of about 1 standard drink per hour

What are the four signs of alcohol poisoning?

  1. Breathing is slow or irregular (10 respirations of less)
  2. Vomiting while passed out
  3. Unconscious, cannot be woken up
  4. Cold, clammy, pale, or bluish skin

**Any of these signs are present, then make the 911 call**

Understanding the Law

Underage Drinking Ticket

If you are under 21 and receive an underage drinking ticket, these are the penalties:

  • $136 fine
  • 30-90 day suspended license
  • $100 permit application fee to drive to and from school
  • $100 permit application fee to drive to and from work
    • If you are not granted the permit, you do not get your money back
  • $175 reinstatement fee for license when suspension is up
  • Up to $100 more per month for insurance as you are put in the high-risk pool for at least 2 years

Social Host Law

The Social Host Law prohibits anyone from allowing minors to possess alcohol or "host" underage drinking parties at their residence. The Social Host Law also prohibits anyone giving or delivering liquor to a minor.

Penalty: Up to 1 year in prison and/or fine up to $2,000 per person living at the residence

Fake ID = Felony

False Identification law prohibits the misrepresentation of age or committing deception to obtain; identity card, or using someone else's card to purchase alcohol.


  • Up to 30 days in prison, and/or a fine up to $500
  • Subject to a 150 day suspension of driver's license. If you do not own your license, you must wait an additional 150 days before being eligible for license
  • First offense is a $100 fine