Stress and Anxiety Workshops

Our mission is to work collaboratively with students to enhance wellness capacity for students' optimal academic success, while minimizing the negative impact of drugs and alcohol.

Anxiety Workshops

Session 1- Continuum of Anxiety:  Student participants will learn the continuum of anxiety to be able to determine where the emotions experienced fall on the continuum.
Session 2- Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response: Student participants will learn about the fight, flight or freeze responses, its origins, and the changes in our ability to process information.
Session 3- Layering Relaxation Techniques:  Student participants will learn how to utilize relaxation techniques and to use more than one technique (layer) when necessary.
Session 4- Personal Relaxation Plan:  Student will be encouraged to create a plan for when the nervousness gets to a point of interfering with life’s activities.

Stress Management Workshops (SM)

Session 1- Exercise and Movement:  Student participants will learn how exercise and movement decreases stress and can modulate anxiety.
Session 2- Breathing Techniques:  Student participants will learn how important breathing techniques can be to changing the physical state and emotions.  They will also learn how coupling the deep breathing with muscle relaxation and guided imagery can enhance the relaxed state.
Session 3- Mindfulness: Being in the Moment – Maintaining Focus:  Students who are nervous generally live in the future and the past – mindfulness techniques bring the student back to the moment and grounds them.
Session 4- Coping Toolbox: Student participants will learn to cope we need a variety of tools that can help us with our behavior, our thoughts, and the ways we connect with others in our world.