Professional Development Guidelines
SUOAF-AFSCME Council4 Local 2836 State University Organization of Administrative Faculty

Policies and Procedures for Professional Development Grants

Per section 22.6 of the SUOAF-AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement, the SUOAF Professional Development funds “shall be available annually for the purpose of funding professional development activities for members of the bargaining unit.” The SUOAF Professional Development Committee reviews applications from members and makes funding recommendations.

The contract further states that “no one individual shall receive more than $1,000 in a contract year” and “expenses of members required to travel on University business shall not be charged to this fund.”

Professional development funds are not to be used for training or education that is required for the performance of a member’s job responsibilities.

The committee will also consider funding requests that include normal travel expenses (e.g., airfare, mileage, lodging , meal per diem, registration etc.) on a case by case basis. In addition to funding attendance at professional conferences, the committee will also consider funding the fees associated with on line professional development opportunities.

Proposals will be reviewed by the committee and funding will be determined based on:

  • Merit of proposal
  • Amount of funds available in the committee account

Since all grant decisions will be made on the merit of the proposal, it is incumbent upon the individual applicant to make a clear and specific statement of the benefits to be derived from the professional development activity.

Funds may also be requested for use by departments for a professional development activity benefiting SUOAF/AFSCME members.

From the total amount of funds allocated to the committee, a portion is set aside to fund campus-wide activities for SUOAF members. The committee welcomes members’ suggestions for such activities.

Procedures for proposal submission:

  • A member submits a proposal to the committee chair.
  • Copies of the proposal are sent to each committee member.
  • Either at a convened meeting or via email, the committee members review the proposal and make recommendations and funding decisions which are recorded by the chair.
  • The chair signs off on the proposal and forwards it to Human Resources.
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer also signs the proposal and by doing so authorizes the expenditure.
  • Human Resources sends an award notification to the member and to CCSU Grants Administration.
  • CCSU Grants Administration sets up an account, arranges for the fund transfer, and keeps the financial records.