External Scholarships Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Center for International Education Scholarships

Most CCSU faculty-led Courses Abroad are subsidized by scholarships. For a current list of Courses Abroad, visit www.ccsu.edu/coursesabroad

Students interested in Study Abroad (mostly semester or yearlong) programs are encouraged to apply for external scholarships to reduce the program's cost. Below is a list of external scholarships that students can apply for based on general scholarships, the destination of choice, race and ethnic heritage students from military families, and a list of external program scholarships. The “External Study Abroad Scholarship Programs” section offers a few linked databases that will provide students with more scholarship opportunities than those listed below. Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible and should check the requirements before applying.

General Scholarships:

External Study Abroad Scholarship Programs:

Scholarships Based on Study Abroad Destination Region or Country:

Scholarships Based on Race and Ethnic Heritage:

Scholarships for Military Families: