Accommodate Instructions

Accommodate, Student Disability Services data management software, will provide you with a dashboard of information on your registered classes, approved accommodations, and more. It also allows you to request renewals of previously approved academic accommodations and testing accommodation requests.

To begin, log in with your CCSU BlueNet username and password* to:

Renewal Requests for Academic Accommodations (Accommodation Letters):

  1. Once in your Accommodate dashboard:
  2. Click Accommodation tab (on left)
  3. Click Renewal Semester Request
  4. Click Drop-Down: Choose and click Semester
  5. Click Add New
  6. Click Drop-Down: Choose and click Semester again
  7. Click Review the Renewal (on right)
  8. Review each accommodation(s) and using the check boxes, select only those courses to which you want your accommodations to apply
  9. Scroll down and Click Submit. NOTE: Requests are reviewed and processed by SDS Staff in the order in which they are received. Once processed, you and your professors will receive your Letter of Accommodation via CCSU email.

Test Requests to reserve a seat in the SDS Testing Center

  1. Click Testing Request Form (on left)
  2. Click New Booking Request (blue tab under Pending Booking Requests)
  3. Click Course Drop-Down: Choose the course for which you want to schedule an exam
  4. In the Date Range, Click Day of the Week for a selection of days/times
  5. Scroll down to Final Exam; Click: Yes or No to indicate if it is a final exam (Final Exams have preset dates/times)
  6. Click Check Availability, then choose the time closest to the time when your classmates will be taking the exam (on right)
  7. Enter the respective professor’s name
  8. If you need a different time, Click Yes, then select a different day and/or time
  9. Click Submit Request. NOTE: You will then receive a confirmation of the request via CCSU email. Requests are reviewed and processed by SDS Staff in the order in which they are received. When the exam is received by SDS, you will receive an approval email from SDS.

*If you experience technical difficulties when logging in to Accommodate using your BlueNet username and/or password, please contact the CCSU Help Desk: 860-832-1720. Non-technical assistance is also available through Student Disability Services: drop by Willard Hall, Suite W201 or call 860-832-1952.