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Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP)

What is a Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP)?

A Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP) is a process by which a school or district can hire a teacher candidate to fill a need in a designated shortage area. Special education has been identified as a shortage area in Connecticut.    

Who is eligible of for a DSAP?

Teacher candidates enrolled in a teacher certification program that has been designated as a shortage area by the Connecticut State Department of Education may be eligible to accept a teaching position under a DSAP. The DSAP teaching position must be a permanent teaching position in the same content area as the candidate's Planned Program. CCSU’s School of Education and Professional Studies or Department of Special Education may choose to not support or participate in a DSAP request for any reason.

To be eligible for a DSAP in our program Initial Certification Teacher Candidates must:

  • Be admitted to CCSU and the Special Education Professional Program
  • Have an approved Planned Program in Special Education
  • Successfully complete a minimum of fifteen (15) special education graduate/undergraduate credits of their Planned Program including SPED 515 and SPED 516
  • Pass Praxis II Special Education Core Knowledge & Mild to Moderate Applications (ETS 5543)
  • Pass Foundations of Reading (Pearsons 090)
  • Complete ED 177 Application Form by school, student and CCSU’s Certification Officer.  Candidates must schedule a meeting with CCSU’s Certification Officer to complete the CCSU section of this form)

Does a DSAP replace student teaching?

  • In lieu of student teaching, CCSU requires two consecutive semesters of supervision by a university faculty (SPED 582 and SPED 583).  DSAP Candidates also register for SPED 520 and complete their edTPA portfolio during the second semester of DSAP supervision.  
  • Effective Fall 2018 an edTPA official score will be required of all Initial Licensure Teacher Candidates by the Connecticut State Department of Education.  All Cross Endorsement Teacher Candidatesmust receive a passing score on a locally scored edTPA portfolio.

Additional information regarding DSAP can be found at the Connecticut State Department of Education Website .