Department of Social Work

Discover meaning and purpose by making a difference through social work

“Over the past few years of my social work undergrad degree, I was able to develop skills in leadership, critical thinking, and advocacy. This was a great experience because I was able to develop new relationships with my peers as well as my professors here at Central. Without this support, I would not have been prepared for the social work profession.” Tanisha Fougy, BSW, Class of 2019

Social workers are committed to improving the quality of life of individuals, families, communities and society through the application of professional knowledge and direct practice skills, by working within community partnerships and by advocating for social and economic justice through social change

We offer a campus-based Bachelor’s of Social Work degree in generalist practice that prepares our graduates with the theoretical and research-informed knowledge and skills to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Our program utilizes strengths-based and relational understandings that respect and enhance the dignity and worth of all people. Reflective practices and collaborative activities that promote critical thinking and self awareness are fundamental to our philosophy of teaching and learning.

Our faculty are dedicated social work educators, practitioners, mentors, researchers, engaged community members and agents of social change. As social workers, we are committed advocates of social equity, egalitarianism, participatory parity and cultural humility. As such, we actively oppose all forms of oppression. Our BSW program practices these commitments by emphasizing the historical contexts and the social, cultural, economic and political forces that shape and impact the human condition.

We are committed to recruiting, admitting, and retaining students from diverse ethnic and cultural groups.

Our BSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

“There is no comparison to the faith and encouragement that the professors put into the students that enrolled within the social work department. The social work department equips you to be ready, vigilant, and aware of the current world of today. I have been tested in all areas and have successfully completed the program.” Heroline Dobson, BSW, Class of 2019


Featured Student Profile

Miriam Desgazon

Chi Upsilon Social Work Honor Society President
Student Government Association Senator

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