Welcome New Students!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Central Connecticut State University. The School of Engineering, Science, and Technology (SEST) Student Services Center is here to get you started as a member of the Blue Devil Family. We are located in the Applied Innovation Hub, room 101.

Welcome to the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology (SEST) at Central Connecticut State University! SEST is home to more than 30 vibrant Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) majors; each offering unique opportunities ranging from research and collaboration with our talented faculty, to study abroad experiences, all the way to co-operative education and internships that will allow you to gain the necessary field experience in order to utilize your skills and talents. Your undergraduate education at Central will culminate in the pursuit of further academic endeavors and/or a fulfilling career combining you education, skills, interests and talents.

STEM degree programs are considered in high demand across many industries. SEST at Central will prepare you to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Our students will be able to study in a STEM related degree field that emphasizes hands on learning concepts in addition to working outside of the classroom with a variety of top name employers.

SEST at Central strives to make our students a vital asset in a high demand, fast-paced environment as we will help you to become highly qualified engineers, scientists, and technologists. SEST students go on to Graduate School, Professional School, as well as become industry leaders throughout country.

All new undergraduate students pursuing a degree within the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology will start their journey in the SEST Student Services Center. Please select the appropriate link below to see what your next step is.

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