SEPS Professional Program Checklist

School of Education & Professional Studies (SEPS)


Professional Program Checklist

CCSU’s School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS) uses an online program, TaskStream, for applying to the Professional Program for Teacher Certification. The items listed below will need to be uploaded or scanned into TaskStream in order to complete the application.  Scanners for student use can be found in the Library and in the Marcus White Computer Lab.
For the most accurate information regarding application materials, be sure to log into Taskstream and review the left-hand menu of requirements needed for submission.  Please be aware, the DRF’s for application will not open till mid-August for the September 10th application and mid-January for the February 10th application.

_____ 1.  Documentation of completion of state-required basic skills testing in reading, writing, and math through submission of scores on the SAT, ACT, or Praxis Core Academic Skills Test or an official waiver letter based on the GRE or PAA. Click here for details on how to meet this requirement. Documentation of scores includes credible evidence of the basic skills test(s) taken, the testing date(s), and the scores earned. We will accept any combination of the following forms of evidence:

  • official test score report(s) showing test, score(s) earned, and date of testing;
  • a WebCentral printout showing SAT or ACT scores and test date; or
  • a copy of the high school transcript showing SAT or ACT scores and test date.

_____ 2.  Two letters of reference from those who can best assess your potential as a teacher. For Elementary Education applicants, use the Elementary Education Recommendation Form (available for download via TaskStream or online link).

_____ 3.  An official transcript from CCSU and every other college/university previously attended.  Transcripts should be obtained directly from the college/university previously attended.  Official transcripts marked “Issued to Student” are acceptable.  When possible, it is best to request e-transcripts.

_____ 4.  An essay, demonstrating a command of the English language, describing the reasons for wanting to teach and enroll in the Professional Program.  Note:  Elementary Education applicants complete an on-site timed essay.  Other Programs may require additional essay requirements, see TaskStream application for additional details.

_____ 5.  Elementary Education and Special Education Applicants Only:  Documentation of experience with students in schools (30 hours in special education and 10 hours in general education).  See Verification of Experience in Schools Form (available for download via TaskStream or online here: Elementary Ed  or SPED). 

_____ 6.  Graduate/Post-Baccalaureate Students Only:  Copy of the Graduate Studies admission letter and official Planned Program of Graduate Study (with appropriate signatures).