Student Disability Services


Grievance and Appeal Procedure


Any student who disagrees with the academic accommodation(s) or other services that have been determined should first speak to the Director of Student Disability Service (SDS). The student should express his/her concerns and be prepared to offer alternative solutions. If after consulting with the SDS Director the student is still not satisfied with the proposed accommodation(s) or the provision of accommodation(s), the student should submit a detailed, written appeal addressed to Dean Ramon Hernandez (Student Affairs; 103 Davidson; 860-832-1619) within 10 days of the decision. Once the written appeal is reviewed by Dean Hernandez, a meeting will be set up with Dean Hernandez and the Director of Student Disability Services. If the student continues to remain dissatisfied with the decision, he/she may file a formal grievance. The University's Policy Statement Section 35.1067, on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy Statement, includes the process for filing a formal grievance. Please direct the formal grievance to Rosa Rodriguez, Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Officer, 102 Davidson Hall, 860-832-0178.

Please remember that the University has an obligation to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to ensure that otherwise qualified students with disabilities have access to all University programs, services and activities. However, if the University can provide an accommodation that is equally as effective as the one requested, the University is not required to provide the requested accommodation. 


It is the practice of SDS that issues concerning accommodation(s) of students with disabilities in academic and other programs/activities be resolved between the student requesting the accommodation and the University employee representing the department within which the academic program or service is located. If the concern cannot be resolved directly with the CCSU employee, students should then report the grievance to the SDS Director. If the student believes that all efforts to resolve the complaint have proven unsuccessful, he/she may file a formal grievance. Section 35.1067 includes the process for filing a formal grievance.

For confidential information on ADA compliance, please contact the ADA’s Informational Line to speak with an ADA specialist at: 800-514-0301 (Voice) and 800-514-0383 (TTY)

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