Leadership Development

LEADS Program

In addition to the development of club officers and student employees, Student Activities & Leadership Development facilitates the LEADS Program (Leadership Experiences Aimed at Developing Students).  

Student volunteers are recruited through an application process to become LEADS Coordinators. These students plan and facilitate a variety of activities for students to gain leadership skills. This has included: 

  • Leadership Weekend Retreat in the Spring Semester 
  • Leadership Certificate programs 
  • Guest and motivational speakers 
  • Student activism campaigns 

Career Readiness

Central strives to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow who are ready to pursue their careers in any field. We teach our student leaders to recognize and leverage personal and team strengths to achieve their organizational goals. 

Student leaders in clubs, organizations, recreation, and employment programs will be able to: 

  • Communicate effectively  
  • Resolve conflict   
  • Demonstrate social responsibility  
  • Develop self-awareness   
  • Collaborate with others   
  • Develop life-long transferable skills