Transcript Requests

CCSU now offers the ability to order official transcripts online and obtain official transcripts in an electronic format (eTranscript). Current and former students can request official eTranscripts to be sent to other educational institutions, potential employers, or any other place of their choosing.

Requesting an eTranscript is the most efficient way to obtain your record. Most online requests will be processed within 24 hours or less. There are no charges for transcripts.

How to Create a Parchment Account

Students should log in to WebCentral-Banner Web and navigate to Student Services - Registration/Records Tab- Transcript Request Ordering. If you do not remember your CCSU e-mail address or password, please visit Accounts Management.
Both eTranscripts and paper transcripts can be requested using WebCentral-Banner Web.

Please note that additional processing time may be necessary for those students who attended CCSU prior to 2001.

Both eTranscripts and paper transcripts can be requested using the Transcript Ordering Portal.

To retrieve an unofficial copy of your transcript please click here.

Connecticut Public Act 23-14 prohibits institutions of higher education from withholding a student transcript from an employer or prospective employer or to any branch of the military service of the United States because such student owes a debt.
If a current or former student has a hold on their account due to an account balance and requires a transcript for employment or military purposes, do not use the standard request process through WebCentral or the transcript ordering portal. Instead, submit your request through this form.