Admissions Requirements

Admissions Process

Admission to the CCSU MAT program occurs in three phases.

Phase I

The initial admission is conditional and is based on review of the following materials:

  • Completed CCSU Graduate School Application
  • Official Transcripts from all higher education institutions
    Transcripts are reviewed for:
    • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
    • Minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.70
    • Completion of the preponderance of a major in the content area that meets state certification standards for secondary applicants; priority will be given to Special Education applicants who have a major in a content area taught in secondary schools
    • Completion of the preponderance of general education coursework that meets current Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) standards for certification.

Phase II

Conditionally admitted candidates are assigned a MAT advisor to assist them as they compile the full admissions portfolio which includes the following materials:

*The full Phase II application requires submission of all requirements via Taskstream, the School of Education and Professional Studies' data management system.

  • MAT Program Application Cover Sheet (completed in Taskstream)
  • Candidate statement explaining the experiences and reasoning that led to selection of a teaching career and this program at CCSU
  • Evidence that all degree and coursework requirements have been met with a satisfactory GPA through submission of a second set of official transcripts on Taskstream
  • Submission of basic skills test scores in reading, mathematics, and writing that meet guidelines for admission to the professional program for teacher certification
  • For secondary candidates only: Satisfactory scores on the required state content knowledge examinations in the certification area, Praxis II or ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview and Writing Proficiency Test
  • For special education candidates only: Meet passing standards on Praxis Elementary Education Assessment: Mathematics Subtest or earn a B or better in MATH 113; Praxis II and the Foundations of Reading test will be taken during the program, and do not need to be taken prior to admission
  • Evidence of the ability to work with diverse groups of students in an educational setting for a minimum of 60 hours as described on the Statement of Experience Form
  • Two references that assess the candidate's ability to work with children and other adults on the recommendation form provided; personal references are not accepted
  • Evidence of ability to write at a graduate school level demonstrated by:
    • GRE writing score
      CCSU writing examination (typically scheduled with an admissions interview)
  • Resume documenting educational and work experiences
  • Completion of Connecticut criminal background clearance (see Instructions for Completing Fingerprinting Form); forward results to host district(s) upon placement for field experience

Phase III

Upon submission of a completed admissions packet:

  • Participate in a program admission interview
  • Complete an on-site writing examination