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A minor is required with this major.


38 credits total, with 12 credits in core courses, 8 credits in required gateway courses* from a specified emphasis area, and at least 18 other credits of directed electives.

Area of Emphasis

(Students must take at least 3 courses, in addition to the gateway courses listed, in one of these 2 areas)

Directed Electives

Additional credits such that a student has at least 10 credits in 400-level classes and at least 38 total credits in the major. Two courses from other departments can count as directed electives towards the major, upon advisor approval.

Additional Requirements

All students must also take COMM 140 Public Speaking to fulfill a Skill Area I requirement in General Education.

*Required gateway courses for a particular emphasis area

Public Relations/Promotions

Designed for students interested in careers in promotions and public relations, this emphasis provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience that is necessary to implement strategic communication campaigns and initiatives for organizations in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

*Gateway courses: COMM 334; and either COMM 410, COMM 411, COMM 434, or COMM 439

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Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Christopher Pudlinski
Professor and Interim Chair
R.C. Vance Academic Center

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