Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation in Music Education (K-12)

Applicants who hold a bachelor's degree but who are not certified in music education may apply for acceptance into the post-baccalaureate graduate certification program. Upon satisfactory completion of a musicianship exam, audition, and interview, the student will consult with the Chair of the Department of Music to develop a planned program for certification. A theory and aural skills examinations, which will be given on the audition day, are primarily used to place students in the appropriate theory and aural skills classes. However, a low score could influence the decision about an applicant’s acceptance. The number of years needed to complete the certification program is contingent upon an evaluation of the applicant’s transcript, and results of the musicianship exam and audition. Course work used to gain certification may not be used toward a graduate degree program. Students must meet all requirements for admission to the Professional Program in the School of Education and Professional Studies.**

**Students should be aware that additional licensure and certification requirements may be imposed by outside licensing or accrediting agencies even after a plan of study has been approved or after a student has entered a professional program. A plan of study may be subject to revision to reflect such additional requirements.

Candidates for all programs must apply to both the University and the Department of Music. The Department cannot make a decision until the applicant has been accepted by the University.

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Dr. Charles Menoche
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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate competence in musicianship, to include aural skills, and knowledge and application of music theory. 

  2. Demonstrate competence in musical performance on his/her primary instrument, with particular emphasis on technical precision. 

  3. Demonstrate competence in basic piano playing skills appropriate to a PK-12 music educator. 

  4. Exhibit knowledge of instructional methods as they pertain to choral, instrumental, and general music education. 

  5. Demonstrate application of pedagogy and instructional methods as they pertain to choral, instrumental, and general music education.