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The Graphics Technology program covers digital graphics, print media, digital media workflow processes from design (pre-press) to production, including computer networking and information technology infrastructure which is becoming very important. Additionally, the degree focuses on the workflow core and workflow automation options for multiple forms of digital media production processes. Digital pre-media, digital printing, color reproduction, digital photography, graphic management information systems, press and post-press operations, as well as science and analytical mathematics, supplemental computer related courses, business and management courses, round out the curriculum. All of the courses allow digital media content to be created and shared via computer-based publications, printed materials, interactive formats, as well as emerging digital print/package media technologies.


General Education (44)

Major Requirements (52)

Student must complete 1 technical track of the 2 tracks = 15 credits

Total Credit Hours: 120

Electives to 9 credit hours to meet 120 credits for the program.

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Academic Department

Haji Naik Dharavath
Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology
Nicolaus Copernicus Hall
NC 125