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This program consists of 56 credits in core lecture classes, 15-16 credits of Related Requirements, and either A) 14 credits in the Clinical Exercise Physiology Specialization,  B) 15 credits in the Strength and Conditioning/Personal Fitness Training Specialization, or C) 22 credits in the Health Sciences Specialization.

A minor is not required with this major. 

Major Requirements (70-78 credits)


All specialization courses require a C- or better

Clinical Exercise Physiology Specialization (14 credits)

This specialization is for students who are looking to pursue a Clinical Exercise Physiology career.


Admission and Retention Policy:

Applying for Admission into the Exercise Science Program:

Undergraduate applicants seeking admission to the exercise science program are required to submit their materials online through Taskstream for review by the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance. The applicant's completed file should be submitted prior to September 10 for fall candidates and February 10 (second semester sophomore year) for spring candidates. Applications for admission may be obtained in the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance, Kaiser Hall, Room 0180.

Requirements for Admission:

The following are departmental requirements for admission to the exercise science program:

  • Completion of application to the professional program for exercise science;
  • Completion of 45 credits of academic work; of which 15 credits were completed at CCSU;
  • Successful completion of the following courses: EXS 109 plus 7 additional credits of EXS courses. Courses must be completed before full admission is granted;
  • University GPA of 2.50;
  • Departmental GPA of 2.70;
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (signed originals) from persons able to testify to candidate's suitability as a professional in the exercise science field. Avoid seeking letters from family or friends;
  • Submit an essay demonstrating the command of the English language, describing in written narrative the reasons for wanting to enroll in the Professional Program, emphasizing experiences which are relevant to exercise science;
  • An interview with the personnel committee of the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance, including at least one exercise science faculty member.

 Retention Policy:

Once admitted to the professional program, the following requirements must be maintained in order to remain in "good standing" within the exercise science and health promotion program:

  • Students must maintain a University GPA of 2.50;
  • Students must maintain a departmental GPA of 2.70; and
  • A letter grade of C or higher is required in all professional program courses.

Note: Internship assignments require the student to be in good standing by having a University GPA of 2.50 and a major GPA of 2.70.

If a candidate drops below the required GPA levels, and/or fails to get a C or higher in any professional program course, he or she may be denied admission to the professional program courses, practicum courses, and internship assignments until the GPA or grade reaches the appropriate level.

Note: Revisions to the exercise science education program may occur in order to maintain compliance with national accreditation standards. Students should check with the program director and/or the CCSU exercise science website regarding the possibility of new requirements. All practicum courses and internship assignments require the student to be in "good standing."





Admissions Contact

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

David Harackiewicz
Professor; Exercise Science Program Coordinator
Physical Education & Human Performance
Physical Education: Teaching Physical Education | MS
Physical Education: Exercise Science | MS
Exercise Science | BS
Harrison J. Kaiser Hall