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Athletic Training Program Costs & Aid

In addition to customary university fees, students majoring in athletic training are responsible for supplementary costs related to the Athletic Training Professional Program (ATPP). This may include the cost of certifications, transportation to assigned clinical field experience sites and/or observations, electronic software tracking fees, liability insurance, as well as the purchase of professional attire.

*All Program Fees are listed below are subject to change!

Full -Time Students tuition varies based on In- State Tuition vs. Out of State Tuition. On-campus housing and meal plans vary in cost depending on your selection and needs.

Cost: Please use the “Tuition, On-Campus Housing, Meal Plan and other Possible Common Fees Schedule” CALCULATOR for estimating the fees

Refer to Bursar's Office for Health Insurance Information

Cost: Cost varies based on your personal primary insurance policy

Refer to Student Wellness Service – Health - Health Requirements form

Cost: Varies depending on your immunization needs. Check with your healthcare provider as there may be no cost based the student's individual healthcare insurance.

All clinical experiences during ATR 500, ATR 501, ATR 502, ATR 503, ATR 504, ATR 505, ATR 506 require the following vaccinations:

  • Annual Influenza
  • Annual PPD
  • Valid Tetanus
  • COVID-19 vaccination & booster in addition to negative COVID-19 testing may be required

Additional testing or immunizations may be required of the athletic training student by a Central approved affiliate site prior to exposure to patients/clients, such as COVID-19 vaccination & booster in addition to negative COVID-19 testing may be required at the discretion of the clinical site including Central.

Cost: Varies for each vaccination requirement. Check with your pharmacy or healthcare provider. Vaccination requirements may have no cost based the student's individual healthcare insurance.

Personal student liability insurance is required of all athletic training students enrolled in clinical courses ATR 500, ATR 501, ATR 502, ATR 503, ATR 504, ATR 505, ATR 506 Liability coverage should not be less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) per occurrence and with an aggregate of not less than one million five hundred thousand dollars limits.

Cost: Approximately $300 per year. Rates vary based on insurance company

*Central Provides Master Student Malpractice Insurance for MSAT Students enrolled in the ATTP.


CPR for the Professional Rescuer is required for all students enrolled in clinical courses ATR 500, ATR 501, ATR 502, ATR 503, ATR 504, ATR 505, ATR 506. CPR for professional rescuer certification is within the content of an EMT course. CPR for Professional Rescuer Refresher Course is provided at the minimal cost of the card annually in January through Central ATTP.

Cost: Varies - full course $90.00 - $100.00; in-house cost for MSAT students $30.00 - $40.00 CPR Card (2-year certification)

Current EMT certification is a requirement for clinical courses: ATR 500, ATR 501, ATR 502, ATR 503, ATR 504, ATR 505, ATR 506. An EMT course is imbedded into the 3+2 curriculum at Central.

Cost: EMT courses vary based on providers. Approximately $1200.00-$1500.00.

Personal Equipment (mandatory): Stethoscope, B/P Cuff, Penlight, Exam Gloves & Airway Barrier Devices

Cost: $90.00 (Estimated based on recommended supplies. Cost can be higher based on brand name of selected diagnostic sets.)

Upon successful completion of the EMT course students must register and pass the National Registry EMT Certification Examination. Check with your EMT course provider as this fee may be included in the course.

Cost: Written Exam $85.00 - $100.00; Practical Exam $125.00 – $150.00

Initial EMT Certification is a 2-year certification. An EMT refresher course may be necessary for maintaining EMT certification through graduation from the ATPP program. For a listing of available “Refresher EMT Certification Courses” go to the CT Department of Health - OEMS.

Cost: $125.00 - $150.00 (varies based on providers)

Khaki Pants and/or Khaki Shorts are to be purchased by the student as required in the dress code policy. Polo staff shirts are provided free of charge while enrolled in the clinical aspect of the program. Lab shorts and T-shirts are required for ATR 500, ATR 501, ATR 502, ATR 503, ATR 504, ATR 505, ATR 506 and are provided free of charge.

Cost: Varies

The MSAT program requires athletic training students to be scheduled for a variety of off-campus observations and clinical experiences. Therefore, students should anticipate that off campus clinical experiences will require transportation to and from the various affiliated sites which are typically located within the state of Connecticut.

Cost: Associated cost varies for transportation and parking at clinical sites and is the responsibility of the student.

The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) annual fee includes membership to District I -Eastern Athletic Trainers Association (EATA), and the Connecticut Athletic Trainers Association (CATA). Student membership of professional organizations such as the NATA and CATA is strongly recommended and encouraged. Please note that ATR didactic and clinical courses may require membership.

Cost: NATA Membership Fee

ATPP students are eligible to be candidates for BOC Certification in their final semester.

Cost: BOC Fee Schedule

General scholarships and “Athletic Training” student scholarships are available through CCSU Foundation. First year and second year graduate students who are admitted to the ATPP are eligible to apply for a “athletic training” scholarship. Additional scholarships are available from various athletic training associations:

Connecticut Athletic Trainers’ Association

Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association

National Athletic Trainers' Association

Below are links to the BOC certification exam process, the application process for licensing in CT, and the CT Practice Act for Athletic Training.

BOC Certification

Licensure Connecticut

Connecticut Practice Act (PDF)

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