Suspicious Packages



Suspicious Mail and Packages

CCSU receives many types of packages and letters each day. A suspicious package is any package causing concern as to its content because of its appearance or labeling. The likelihood of your ever receiving a bomb or other dangerous item (e.g., containing a dangerous organism) in the mail is extremely remote. Unfortunately, however, across the United Sates a small number of such devices have been mailed over the years resulting in death, injury, and destruction of property.

Additionally, a recent bombing in Boston involved the use of a backpack, thus revealing once again the fact that bombs or other mechanisms of harm may be concealed in many ways.

Your best protection is your knowledge of the types of mail you normally handle, what is "normal" where you work and your awareness procedures.

The most common question that arises pertains to what is "suspicious". In addition to being out of the ordinary for where you work, the FBI and other federal agencies have published a poster illustrating characteristics of suspicious packages as well as basic advice on what to do if you encounter such a package. Click HERE to access the poster.

If the item is highly suspicious (e.g. obvious contamination or specific written threats):

  • Do not open
  • Avoid further handling and isolate item as best possible
  • Evacuate the area, close the room and prevent further access
  • Wash your hands immediately with soap and water
  • Call 911 and follow the advice of the police and await their arrival.