Minor in Physics

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Minor in Physics

Physics has always played critical and indispensable role in the understanding of our world and the development of technological applications to enhance the human condition. Its role in economic development spans the gamut from Economics and Finance to Medicine. All science (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Pre-Med, Sports Science, Earth Science etc), engineering and technology thus require strong basis in physics for success, understanding and application. The cognitive, problem solving analytical skill that are provided in Physics are not only transferable to other disciplines, but helps to obtain deeper understanding and leads to innovation.  To this end, Physics has been indispensable and critical parts of education and society in general, and science and technology in particular. Simply put, Physics is the lynchpin discipline around which successful economies are built. As a wise young student once said “to make any discipline better, all you have to do is add physics”!

We thus have a minor in physics to expose more students to this all important discipline. Please click here to see the requirements for a physics minor. We plan to also tailor Concentrations in Physics for the students from the other disciplines. 

Program Requirements