Welcome to the CCSU Philosophy Department Homepage. Our department offers a variety of courses in philosophy based on our teaching strengths. These strengths include:

  • Western Philosophy—we offer courses in African-American Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Existentialism, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, and Nineteenth Century Philosophy.
  • Non-Western Philosophy—we offer courses in Asian Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy, and Chinese Philosophy.
  • Value Theory—we offer courses in Bioethics, Business Ethics, Computer Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Global Justice, Philosophy of the Arts, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of War and Peace, Social Justice, and Theoretical and Practical Ethics.
  • Logic and Philosophy of Science—we offer courses in Modern Logic and Philosophy of Science.

We offer both a major and a minor in Philosophy as well as a Social Justice minor. Our faculty also teach in several interdisciplinary programs including African-American Studies, American Studies, the Honors Program, International Studies, Peace Studies, and Religious Studies.

For a full list of courses that we offer please visit: Course Descriptions.

In addition to the courses we offer, we also provide students with other opportunities in philosophy. We regularly invite speakers to campus, hold conferences, and some students have even published with faculty. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Philosophy Club, a club which meets weekly and is run by students.

If you have never taken a philosophy course, you may wonder how a major or minor in philosophy can benefit you. Philosophy prepares students to pursue diverse and rewarding careers by teaching highly sought after skills. These skills include: the ability to analyze complex problems; the ability to communicate clearly and effectively; and the ability to read, summarize, and critically evaluate complicated documents. Philosophy also prepares students for different graduate programs. Philosophy majors are also traditionally among the highest scorers on both the GRE and LSAT. For more information about what you can do with a degree in philosophy, please visit Why Study Philosophy?

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