The Department of Music
Welte Hall

Herbert D. Welte Hall (pronounced “WELL-tee”) contains the classrooms, ensemble rehearsal rooms, offices, and practice rooms of the Music Department. Welte Hall also houses Welte Auditorium, the Music Education Resource Center (MERC), and a Music Computer Lab. Welte Hall is a 3-minute walk from the Student Center, the main dining hall, Jazzman’s Café, the university library, and most of CCSU’s main classroom buildings. Parking for Welte Hall is easy, as we are adjacent to a large parking lot and a five-level parking garage. We are kitty-corner to the large Stanley Quarter Park, home to walking trails, Par-Course, and pond.

Performance Facilities
Welte Auditorium

Herbert D. Welte Auditorium seats over 1,800 audience and is used for Music Department concerts, university lectures, films, student organizations, and performances by visiting artists. The New Britain Symphony, Albano Ballet, the Vance lecture series, and a foreign film festival are part of the rich culture brought to the stage of Welte Auditorium each year.  Located in Welte Hall.

Torp Theatre

Torp Theatre is a 350 seat venue used for some ensemble concerts and recitals. The historic room was beautifully renovated in 2000. Located in Davidson Hall.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall seats approximately 100 audience members, and is used for student recitals and chamber music concerts.  Located in Davidson Hall.

Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall seats approximately 100 audience members, and is used for student recitals and chamber music concerts.  Located in Student Center.

Student Resources
Practice Rooms

Our individual practice facilities are open to all students, regardless of major. Priority is given to music majors. Located in Welte Hall.

Music Computer Lab

A 22-station computer lab. Open for use by students, and also used for music technology classes. Features the same software as other computer labs across campus, plus software and hardware especially geared to the music major. Located in Welte Hall.


The Music Education Resource Center (MERC) contains journals, books, audio/video, instruments, and other curriculum materials especially for the music education major. Located in Welte Hall.

Elihu Burritt Library

CCSU’s main library houses a collection of physical and digital resources such as scores, books, audio, and video. Online research options are kept up-to-date. The Library itself features Jazzman’s Café, individual listening stations, and a specialized media room, which make it an attractive place to study and meet for group projects.