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Dr. Robin S. Kalder
Department Chair

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification in

Mathematics for Secondary Education

Any student with a Bachelor's Degree with at least a 2.70 GPA is eligible to apply for the Certification Program in Secondary Mathematics. Steps that need to be taken:

    1. Apply to the Graduate School and check off Certification Program, Secondary Mathematics. Applications are available in Graduate Studies

    2. Your transcripts will be reviewed in the Department of Mathematical Sciences to determine if additional undergraduate mathematics courses must be taken (please see required list "A" of courses below).

    3. Your transcripts will be reviewed in the School of Education to determine if additional general education courses must be taken (please see required list "B" of courses below.).

    4. You will be sent a letter that informs you whether or not you have been accepted into the Graduate School.

    5. If you have been accepted, you will be assigned an advisor. It is strongly recommended that you immediately contact your advisor to establish a final program that will result in your certification. In this program a number of required courses can be taken at the undergraduate level or the graduate level. If you plan to earn a Master's Degree at CCSU, it is in your best interest to take as many of these as possible at the graduate level. Your advisor can help you choose the appropriate classes as you progress through the program.

    6. You and your advisor will determine when you apply to the Professional Program, but generally this occurs once the majority of your mathematics and general education courses are completed. In order to do so, you must open a TaskStream account. Directions for this as well as the application can be found on the School of Education and Professional Studies website. 

  1. Students may now meet the state requirement for basic skills testing in a number of ways.  Please see here.

  2. Once accepted into the Professional Program, most students complete the remaining required coursework in three semesters.

  3. For more information, please contact Dr. Robin Kalder.

Professional Program for 7-12 Mathematics Certification
(Courses marked with § may also be counted towards the MS in Mathematics)

EDTE 316

Principles of Learning Sec/K12

4 credits


Educational Policy Studies

3 credits

§ SPED 501

Education of the Exceptional Learner

3 credits

§ LLA 505

Developmental Reading in the Secondary Schools

3 credits

MATH 414

Teaching Mathematics in Middle School

3 credits

Following 2 must be taken together

MATH 415

Teaching Mathematics in High School

4 credits

EDSC 425

Principles of Secondary Education

3 credits

Following 2 must be taken together

EDSC 435

Secondary Education Student Teaching

9 credits

MATH 426

Student Teaching Seminar

1 credit

Mathematics Methods Courses

MATH 327

Curriculum & Technology in Secondary Mathematics I (focus on Algebra)

3 credits


OR both:


§ MATH 543

Secondary School Algebra with Technology from an Advanced Viewpoint

3 credits

MATH 328

Curriculum & Technology in Secondary Mathematics II (focus on Geometry)

3 credits




§ MATH 544

Secondary School Geometry with Technology from an Advanced Viewpoint

3 credits

*The Praxis II Exam, #5161: Mathematics: Content Knowledge, is also required for certification. Information about both the Praxis I and Praxis II exams is available at:

Undergraduate Mathematics Requirements* (30 credit minimum)

MATH 152

Calculus I

4 credits

MATH 218

Discrete Mathematics

4 credits

MATH 221

Calculus II

4 credits

MATH 228

Linear Algebra

4 credits

MATH 366

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

4 credits

MATH 383

College Geometry

3 credits




§ MATH 525

Higher Geometry

3 credits

MATH 377

Introduction to Real Analysis

4 credits

STAT 314

Statistics for Secondary Teachers

3 credits

* Equivalent courses can be counted in lieu of any of the courses on the list with permission of the department chairperson.

Undergraduate General Education Requirements- 39 Credits distributed over 5 out of 6 different study areas: a) English b) Natural Sciences c) Mathematics d) Social Studies (including American History and Life Span Psychology) e) World Language f) Fine Arts