Mathematics (Certifiable for Secondary Education), BS

The mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to foster effective teaching and research in support of developing students as mathematical problem solvers and effective users of mathematical knowledge, no matter their current or future profession. In support of this mission, the department focuses in the development of intellectual enhancement and the dissemination of knowledge and application in the areas of mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics, including actuarial science and data science. We seek to supply the mathematical needs of students who are our majors and minors, our Master’s students, those in related fields, all current and future teachers, and the general education needs of all students.

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Dr. Robin S. Kalder
Department Chair

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Mathematical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand basic analytic arguments using such common notions as epsilon/delta, infinite sums, and limits and basic algebraic and discrete notions, such as facts about vector spaces and counting arguments.
  2. Be able to follow and recreate algebraic and geometric proofs.
  3. Apply mathematical principles to the solution of problems, including real world applications
  4. Understand issues concerning the mathematics curriculum for grades 7-12
  5. Develop skills necessary to become an effective teacher of mathematics