Official Certificate Program in Supply Chain and Logistics

Program Description:

Central Connecticut State University is offering a timely program designed for today's professionals involved in any aspect of the supply chain; from engineering, packaging, purchasing, storage and distribution, traffic and transportation, and customer service. In addition to tactical issues, this program discusses strategic planning for both internal and external suppliers and customers. Both experienced and inexperienced executives, managers, and supervisors will gain insight into every participating function within the supply chain including financial, marketing, and sales issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and understand how the various elements of the supply chain are interrelated and inter-dependent upon each other.
  • Using Lean Enterprise concepts and tools, learn to manage the operations and logistics functions to lower costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Participants must successfully complete the following courses (12 credits): SCLM 562, 563, 565, 566; twelve credits of which may be applied as electives to the M.S. in Technology Management (provided six-year time limit for the master's is met).

A Brief Overview of Each Course:

SCLM 562 Supply Chain Strategy
Key concepts in managing the flow of goods and information from raw material to end-use customer. Focus on design, analysis and decision-making methods used in industrial procurement. Highlights integration of procurement with operations.

SCLM 563 Strategic Logistics Management
Issues related to logistics at the global level, emphasizing the integration of manufacturing logistics with operations and procurement to achieve optimal supply chain performance.

SCLM 565 Logistics: Traffic & Transportation
Practical techniques for improving the traffic and transportation performance of a company and it supply chain. Topics include: transportation documentation and pricing, inbound/outbound freight control, international transportation, e-logistics and third-party logistics providers.

SCLM 566 Distribution & Warehouse Management
Methodologies for planning, managing and controlling warehouse/distribution operations in the supply chain. Topics include: equipment selection, warehouse layouts, inventory control and work methods. Topics are linked to measuring productivity and performance of warehouse operations.

OCP Plan of Study

Contact Information

Applied Innovation Hub 214
Eric Kirby
Manufacturing & Construction Management
Program Coordinator
Manufacturing Management | BS
Program Coordinator
Technology Management | BS
Donna Pettinelli
Manufacturing & Construction Management