Department Forms

Forms for Manufacturing and Construction Management

All Students

Change of Status (to Part Time or Full Time)

Course Override (Permission to Enter Class)

  • Used if registration errors encountered
  • Must attain permission from Instructor and Department

Credit Overload

Independent Study Course Registration

Late Course Registration

  • For registration after Add/Drop Period
  • Requires instructor approval

Course Drop/Withdrawal

  • Drop course up to end of 3rd week
  • Withdrawal – 4th week to end of 12th week.

Late Course Withdrawal

  • For Withdrawal after 12th Week
  • Requires instructor permission and documented circumstances

University Withdrawal & Leave of Absence Form

  • Use this if taking time off, to avoid becoming Inactive
  • Undergraduate students can be away on a Leave of Absence for up to two consecutive semesters (fall/spring)
  • Graduate level students can be away on a Leave of Absence for up to four consecutive semesters (falls/springs)
  • See form for other Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Policies

Graduate Students (MS and OCP)

School of Graduate Studies Handbook

Change Program/Major/Advisor or Add Certificate

Planned Program Forms

Course Substitution and/or Transfer Request

  • For use after Planned Program is in place

Comprehensive Exam Registration (Plan B):

Comprehensive Examinations Handbook

Comprehensive Exam Registration

Capstone Special Project or Thesis (Plan A or C):

Thesis and Special Projects Quick Guide

Special Project Capstone Handbook

Capstone Course Registration (Plan A or C)

Capstone Proposal 

Final Capstone Submission

The Master's Thesis

Thesis & Dissertation Public Access Approval

Bound Personal Copy of Thesis Request


Application for Graduation - Undergraduate Certificate Program (OCP)

Application for Graduation – Graduate Programs (MS)

Undergraduate Students (BS, Minor, and Certificate)

Change of Major, Degree, or Advisor (Also to Add Minor or Undergraduate Certificate)

Enrollment in 500-level graduate course by Undergraduate Seniors

  • Requires Approval of Academic Advisor First

Course Substitution Form - Undergraduate

  • Must be completed by Academic Advisor

Transfer Credit Approval Request Form

  • To transfer individual courses taken at other institutions
  • Should be completed/approved prior to taking course

Application for Graduation

Contact Information

Applied Innovation Hub 214
Eric Kirby
Manufacturing & Construction Management
Program Coordinator
Manufacturing Management | BS
Program Coordinator
Technology Management | BS
Donna Pettinelli
Manufacturing & Construction Management