International Studies
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Program Description

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to build student expertise in particular world regions and/or about diverse international issues including globalization; global population, migration, and health; international conflict, terrorism, governance, and law; imperialism, decolonization, and development; and the role of gender, race, and class in international contexts. 

A BA or MS degree in International Studies prepares students for a range of career possibilities in government service, in foundations and NGOs, and in the wide range of institutions offering services transnationally or otherwise working in global environments. 

CCSU was designated as a Center for Excellence in International Education in 1986. Today, along with its Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Studies, CCSU boasts a wide variety of study abroad programs and initiatives. The continuing enrichment, expansion, and refinement of the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science programs in International Studies result from the institution’s established commitment to global awareness and global citizenship.