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Nationwide studies show that students who engage in internships, participate in extracurricular activities and identify faculty who are willing to mentor them are far more apt to build successful careers than students that do not. These factors matter more than choice of major or even which school you attend!

The English Department strives to celebrate the joys of reading literature and writing creatively, but also recognizes that some majors and minors might be interested in internships that allow them to explore the many ways that writing, editing, and critical and creative thinking skills can be applied in the workplace.

Our majors and minors have interned for publishers, nonprofits, think tanks, editorial services companies and more. Interested students should contact Professor Mary Collins at collinsmae@ccsu.edu or ext. 2770.  Students may find their own intern sponsors or work with those that department has cultivated. Not all students who apply for an internship for course credit are guaranteed acceptance.

For starters, here is a list of some useful job sites and organizations that can get you started on the path to a fulfilling job.

  • Students that enjoy working as story catchers for others should check out the Personal Historians Association, which offers advice and training on how to start a business as a professional writer of family and business histories.


  • The Association of Writing Programs offers a terrific job line and internship listing. As a student in the English Department, you qualify to join AWP at no cost under our department membership. Contact Associate Professor Mary Collins, who will add you to our membership list. Once you’ve done that, AWP will contact you about creating a login name and password.


  • To learn more about the many ways that people with strong writing, editing and critical thinking skills use those talents in the marketplace, troll through this FREE job listing. It posts a wonderful range of jobs in publishing, journalism, writing, and editing in NY, NJ, NE and DC.


  • Only established writers with at least one book and a list of publications in major magazines or websites may belong to the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), but anyone can attend their conferences in NY (they often offer student rates) and visit their general website which is a treasure of information about the publishing and writing market in New York City and New England.


  • If you want to intern for a major magazine, please check out this site the FALL OF YOUR JUNIOR YEAR. Only juniors may apply. The internships are highly competitive but include most of the major magazines in the U.S.


  • Some of the most interesting narrative writing currently airs on public radio. The Cape Cod NPR station at Woods Hole offers a famous radio writing workshop that includes writing and airing at least one story. Broaden your skill set and consider taking this workshop!


  • The Chronicle of Higher Education may be best known for listing jobs in academic, but it also has a lot of listings for jobs in publishing, writing and editing. 

This list is just the start of many resources that you can tap into as you consider what you want to do after you graduate.