English - Internships




Internship Testimonials

The English Department has a robust internship program and an official Career Advisor, Professor Mary Collins. We have placed students in internships for course credit in a range of organizations from nonprofits to book publishing companies. Most of our primary partners are within an hour's drive of the CCSU campus, which makes it possible for students to attend classes, work and still fit in an internship, which counts as an elective under the English Major and the Writing Minors. Professor Collins is also happy to work with any student interested in internships beyond Connecticut!

For more information about applying for an internship, click on the application button, which will provide you detailed instructions on what steps to take, or simply email or visit Professor Collins in Carroll Hall, Room 345. She also offers career advising on everything from how students in the humanities can build effective resumes to what network and job sites to check even before you graduate.

Don't wait until the spring of your senior year to think about how to build the skill sets and resume you'll need to find a good job after you graduate!