Copy Center Services

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Copy Center Services

Lead Time:
The Copy Center schedules work in the order in which it arrives at the Copy Center Work must be submitted at least three working days in advance of date required. 

In an emergency exceptions may be approved by the Director of Business Services and if necessary, the individual department heads. After business hours, requests may be placed in mail slot outside the Copy Center doors. Do not deposit work into this slot that is not in a sealed envelope. 

Copy Center Request Form:
Each job submitted on line, whether it be manual or on-line submission, requires its own submission form.  ALL sections of the form Must be completed in order for the Copy Center personnel to effectively process your request.  Please retain a copy for your records.  

Occasionally, the Copy Center On-line service may be brought down for service upgrades.  During this time, it will be necessary for the individual users to manually complete the Copy Center Request form.  This form can be obtained at the Copy Center.  Incomplete forms may delay the processing of your request.

Each department is assigned a Copy Center Account Number which is used mainly for monitoring your accounts.  This is normally a two/three digit number.  Please contact the Budget Office at x22502 or x22504, if you are unsure of the number. 

Documents Submitted for copying:
Submit a clean, clear print of typed 8 1/2 x 11" white copy.
Make single 8 1/2 x 11" white copies of all bound material including books and magazines.

Do Not submit material that is less than 8 1/2 x 11" in size or more than 8 1/2 x 14". Our equipment is automated and limited to those two sizes. However, we can do single sheets of 11" x 17".

Do Not submit any odd-sized material or books-submit the white 8 1/2 x 11" sheets. Our machine has great difficulty picking up anything light in color-especially blue ink. For best results, sign documents in black ink. Do not bend or fold originals. These tend to jam automatic pieces of equipment such as ours.

Do Not glue, tape, or staple pieces of copy onto originals. Make a copy of that sheet and submit in that manner. Our copies are "belt driven" and glued or taped copies are destroyed by the machine.

Service for reductions ranging down to 65% can be provided. Copies can be enlarged by 2%. The Copy Center cannot collate and staple more than sixty sheets of paper at one time.

Tests to be reproduced should be hand carried by the faculty member or department secretary in a sealed envelope and handed to one of the staff in the Copy Center. Upon completion of test, it is placed in a locked cabinet for security until picked by the faculty member or department secretary. No test should be transmitted by campus mail or can be picked up by anyone other than the faculty member or the department secretary. 

This also applies to confidential materials. There is no charge for the reproduction of examinations, syllabus, course schedule, curriculum sheet, teacher evaluation and student evaluation, and lab. There is a charge, however, for all other reproduction services. Departments have been provided with allocations for this service and should keep a record of expenditures. If allotments have been exhausted, reproduction materials cannot be completed.

Request forms for reproduction of books, magazines, etc., should list the pages to be copied in consecutive order. Please see section entitled "Guidelines for Reproducing Copyright Materials". 

Request forms for reproduction of books, magazines, etc., should list the pages to be copied in consecutive order. Guidelines for reproducing Copyright materials are contained in the section entitled "Guidelines for Reproducing Copyright Materials" of this manual.

Copy Charges:
Copying costs are charged automatically to your departmental duplicating allocation. Reports reflecting account status are normally distributed monthly.

Transfer of funds to increase your duplicating allocation may be accomplished by e-mailing requesting a transfer of funds from your department's Banner Index (six-digits; i.e. BSRV01) to the department's copy center account.  The e-mail should be sent by either the budget manager or by the department secretary.  If the e-mail is sent by the department secretary, a cc of the e-mail must be sent to the budget manager.

Personal Copying:
Personal copying is permissible.  Please contact the Copy Center for information.