The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Central has many different chemical instruments; all of which are used by both faculty and students in laboratory courses and research. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact the department chair. The Department’s major instrument holdings include:

  • Bruker 300 Series Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer used to characterize and help determine the molecular structure of organic compounds.
  • Oxford X-ray Diffractometer used for the determination of crystal structures and the elucidation of chemical interactions in the solid state.
  • Thermo Scientific and Agilent ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers employed to study reaction kinetics as well as to carry out various quantitative determinations.
  • A Perkin-Elmer LS55 Fluorescence Spectrometer used for carrying out various quantitative determinations at levels lower than is possible with ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers.
  • Jasco and Thermo Scientific Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers used for the characterization of reaction products and the structural elucidation of chemical compounds.
  • Thermo Scientific Trace 1300 Gas Chromatograph-ISQ Mass Spectrometer and a Perkin-Elmer Clarus 480 Gas Chromatograph with flame ionization and thermal conductivity detectors for which both of these chromatographs are used in the separation, analysis and identification of easily volatilizable chemical compounds in various samples.
  • Thermo Scientific ultra-high pressure liquid chromatograph employed to carry out highly efficient and fast separations; as well as, to identify and quantify non-volatilized chemical compounds in various samples.
  • Several conventional high-performance liquid chromatographs which allow for the separation, identification and quantification of compounds such as polymers and biomolecules in various samples.
  • Thermo Scientific Velos Pro LC-MSn instrument which represents the state-of-the-art in the separation, identification and detection of nonvolatile components at trace levels in complex pharmaceutical, environmental and biochemical samples.

Contact Information

Sourav Chakraborty
Department Chair
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nicolaus Copernicus Hall
Stephanie Waldman
Secretary 2
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nicolaus Copernicus Hall