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Mentoring Program

The Center for Africana Studies prides itself on empowering students to become successful citizens of the campus community. The Mentoring program provides a foundation for student success based on the belief that students who make connections with faculty and peers, feel a part of the campus environment and are more likely to be retained until graduation. These unions help students to develop productive relationships with faculty, staff, and peers alike. Participating in the Mentoring program is mutually beneficial to both mentors and students; and maintains the spirit of the Center for Africana Studies dual purpose of enhancing students’ academic ability and developing good citizenry.

Educational Resources for Students


Purple Math ( This is an excellent entire algebra book online for free. It is great for review of your basic to advanced algebra, or as a textbook in its own right.

Visual Calculus ( This is an excellent calculus book also available free online. It is great for students and teachers as a supplement to class texts or as a review text.


Physics Classroom ( This site by Study Works bills itself as a High School Physics Tutorial but it is an excellent supplement also to college introductory physics students. It has     animations to clarify various concepts.

How Stuff Works ( Have you ever wondered how anything such as your microwave oven, or your cell phone, or your immune system etc works? If you have then this is site for you!

Africana Resources (African and African American studies) ( This site is a collection of extensive resources about Africa. It is an excellent place to start when studying any topic related to Africa.