Cancellation/Delay Procedure

Cancellation/Delay Information

Weather-related Cancellations/Closing Information

Online classes and teleworking make it possible to keep the University operating when difficult travel conditions exist or the campus is closed. This requires conveying more than a simple message of “campus is closed” or “opening at 10.”  Therefore, we urge you to use the following sources for the most accurate information:

  • CCSU Storm Phone (860-832-3333) 
  • CCSU email
  • The Emergency Notification System may be deployed in cases of rapidly developing severe weather 

Scheduled Classes

  • Online Classes will be held as scheduled.
  • On-ground/HyFlex Classes – will move online for that day. There will be exceptions for classes that must be held on campus, in-person.

Non-Teaching Employees (excluding Level 1 personnel)

  • If the CCSU campus is closed due to weather conditions, non-teaching staff are still expected to be accessible and responsive to their supervisors during their regularly scheduled work hours, and those staff members scheduled to come to campus are expected to telework. 
  • Supervisors may require that employees regularly check and respond to email and work-related phone calls and may expect that assigned work that can be accomplished remotely is completed on time regardless of emergency cancellations. Likewise, supervisors may make reasonable adjustments to be able to continue University business, including holding teleconference meetings and handling normal business by email. Employees who would normally be present at work may be required to participate.  


  • Classes scheduled for online learning should continue accordingly.
  • Courses scheduled to be on-ground should be conducted remotely. 
  • Decisions to cancel any class (on ground or online) will be made by the appropriate academic official on campus in consultation with the instructor of record.   

Level 1 Personnel  (formerly known as Essential)  

Operations including public safety, residential services, health services, animal care, facility maintenance, information technology services, student support services, transportation, and other important services may be required to continue even in severe weather or during other circumstances that require a campus closure. Level 1 staff are expected to report to work as scheduled or as instructed by their supervisor.

Deciding to Travel in Inclement Weather

Decisions regarding the cancellation or delay of classes are always made with the safety of our students, faculty, and staff foremost in mind. While such decisions affect the entire University, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide if conditions are safe enough for travel. Campus closings and delayed openings impact a diverse group of people who commute from various distances over many roads in vehicles with a variety of weather-responsive features. Not every individual’s situation can be taken into account, so only you can determine whether it is safe enough for you to travel.

Faculty deciding that conditions are not sufficiently safe should make every effort to notify their students, via University e-mail or voice mail. Students who elect not to travel to campus should inform their instructors at their first opportunity. Staff who decide similarly should alert their supervisor, aware that time will be charged to accrued leave. 

Campus Parking Ban

From November 15 until April 15, a Campus Parking Ban automatically goes into effect prior to a snowstorm to assist in the removal of ice and snow.

  • All vehicles must be removed from CCSU’s surface lots
  • Parking is permitted in all covered garages (except top floor)
  • In the event staff/faculty are required to report to work during inclement weather, they should also park in the garages  
  • Vehicles left in lots may be ticketed and/or towed