Fall 2021 Stock Trading Competition

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Fall 2021 Stock Trading Competition

The School of Business will host its next stock trading competition from Oct. 1 at market open through Dec. 31 at market close. By entering the competition, you can improve your trading skills, have fun, compete against your friends and classmates, and possibly win a scholarship. The top three winners (overall ranking) of the competition will be determined by the players who have received the highest returns on their investment at market close on the last day of the competition.

  • First Place: Tuition scholarship of $1,000
  • Second Place: Tuition scholarship of $750
  • Third Place: Tuition scholarship of $500 

Competition Rules

  1. You must register by Oct. 10.
  2. Each participant will have an initial cash balance of fictitious funds of $1,000,000 in their trading account.
  3. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds listed on the AMEX, NYSE, and NADAQ exchanges are available to trade.
  4. Minimum purchase price for stocks is $5.
  5. There is a 10 percent position limit for each participant’s portfolio holdings. (You cannot invest more than 10 percent of your money in one financial security.)
  6. Commissions of $10 will be charged for each trade.
  7. You can be an active or passive trader as long as you have less than 10 percent of your portfolio in cash at market close on Jan. 11, 2022.

  8. Each winner must write a one-page report describing his/her trading strategy during the competition. The report is due by Jan. 30, 2022.

  9. There is a limit on the number of participants in the competition, so make sure to register soon before all available spots are filled.

Tuition Scholarship Eligibility

  • Matriculated undergraduate/graduate student at CCSU during the Fall Semester of 2021.
  • Tuition scholarship awards are applied to Spring 2022 semester charges.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Student must be registered for at least 6 credits in the semester to which the tuition scholarship is being applied.
  • Winners of the previous School of Business stock trading competitions are not eligible to win a tuition scholarship.
  • Comply with the competition rules. 

How to Participate

Go to https://ccsu.stocktrak.com/members/register

Once you are on the landing page select the following:

  • Administrator: JosephFarhat
  • Challenge: SOBStockTradingCompetitionF2021
  • Contest Password: 2021
  • Enter your: Login Information
  • Enter your: Registration Information
  • Registration Step 2 of 2: Ignore and click "continue"

Next you will build a virtual portfolio with real time stock quotes. As you buy and sell your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds you will be compared with other members of the competition.

You can always log in in your account by clicking on the Stock Trak icon at the School of Business home page at www.ccsu.edu/business

If you have any questions, please email Dean Joseph Farhat at JosephFarhat@ccsu.edu.