Housing Accommodation Policy

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Housing Accommodation Request Application Form

Central Connecticut State University is committed to the support of students with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Connecticut law, and the Fair Housing Act. Housing accommodations include, but are not limited to, dorm accessibility arrangements, medical singles, dietary accommodations and/or a request for an emotional support animal. Students wishing to live on campus who wish to request a housing accommodation need to complete the following procedure/forms through Student Disability Services (SDS):

Housing Accommodation Request: Students requesting any housing accommodation, must complete and submit a Housing Accommodation Form.

Documentation: Students must provide a documented need for a housing accommodation by a licensed provider with expertise in the area of diagnosis, who has worked with the student for a period of time, and who can provide a statement for substantial need for the particular housing accommodation request. Providers may write the required detailed information on professional letter head stationary or complete a Documentation Verification Form.

SDS Meeting: Students must meet with a SDS Specialist in order to determine eligibility as a qualified student with a disability, provide documentation and a personal explanation with examples of how the disabling condition impacts their daily living environment and the need for a CCSU housing accommodation.

Approval: Once an accommodation is approved, an email from SDS will serve as notification to Residence Life of the accommodation. Students will be copied on the email, and will be directed to a Residence Life staff member for further directions and information.

Yearly Request: Housing Accommodations are subject to renewal each academic year unless waived by an SDS Specialist. A new Housing Accommodation Request Form and new documentation is required yearly to substantiate continued need for the accommodation.

Housing Accommodation Information: Please read the following information for specific housing accommodation requests:

Housing Access Accommodations: All approved facility arrangements and/or needed installed electrical devices (e.g. bed shakers) accommodations will be completed as soon as possible, but may require a reasonable time to arrange and install. Students should plan to request these accommodations accordingly in a timely manner, especially if accommodation is an emergency device.

Medical Single Rooms:

  • There are a limited number of medical single rooms available. These rooms are for individuals who document substantial need and/or living with a roommate is not viable.
  • A desire to have a quiet, undisturbed place to study, for example, is insufficient to warrant a special housing accommodation.
  • The following dates are recommended for medical single requests: May 15 for the Fall Semester/ November 15 for the Spring Semester. While applications submitted after these dates will be accepted and considered, based on limited dorm space we cannot guarantee that CCSU will be able to meet late applicants’ accommodation needs.

Dietary Accommodations: Frequently, CCSU food service can provide specialized services/foods for students with specific dietary needs without formal accommodations. While not necessary, it is recommended that students contact the CSCU Food Service Manager to discuss needs, before going through the SDS accommodation process.

Emotional Support Animals: Students with approved Emotional Support Animals fall under the Fair Housing Act and must follow all health and safety regulations and sign an Emotional Support Animal Agreement upon approval from SDS. Please see BOR Animal policy here:

Service Animals: CCSU recognizes that Service Animals do not need to be registered with SDS to live in on campus. However, as a courtesy, we ask that students make Residence Life aware of the dog/miniature horse they intend to live with so that the student can be made aware of CCSU’s health and safety regulations. Please see BOR Animal policy here:

Additional Information: Students with any questions about the above accommodations, forms and/or procedures should contact:

Student Disability Services
T: 860.832.1952
F: 860.832.1865