Slate Student Success

Success Matters - Share a Concern or Kudos 

(formerly Early Academic Alert)

  • Nearly anyone on campus will be able to submit a Concern or Kudos, providing a more comprehensive network to support our student’s' success. We are starting with faculty and will continue to add others in the coming weeks.
  • The ability to track what happens after a Concern is submitted. SUCCESS MATTERS offers built-in automation and each interaction following the submission of a Concern is posted to a timeline. For example, the timeline will show when a notification was sent to a student, when the student opens/reads the communication, as well as subsequent interactions from the various student support services (ex. The Learning Center).

Success Matters Instructional Materials

Creating a Success Matters Submission and Checking the Progress - for Teaching and Administrative Faculty 

Creating a Success Matters Submission for Staff

Slate Student Success Work Requests

Faculty and staff may use the Slate Student Success Work Request form to submit requests for tasks such displaying data, sending emails, creating forms, and generating reports in the Slate Student Success system.