Success Matters

For Faculty

What is the Success Matters program?

The Success Matters program is a coordinated effort by The Learning Center, The Office of Student Affairs, and the Registrar’s Office with the support of Central faculty members to increase retention and persistence for at-risk students. Early Alert is a program that allows faculty to express concern about students in a formal way.

Why Success Matters?

The purpose of the Success Matters program at Central Connecticut State University is to identify students who are struggling in their courses during the semester and to intervene early. This provides the opportunity to connect these students with assistance and resources that increase their chances of success in a timely manner. The Success Matters program seeks to address the following factors:

  • Improving the likelihood that students will persist at Central
  • Improving student effort and academic performance
  • Preventing students from withdrawing from or getting D’s or F’s in their courses

When to refer a student?

A faculty member identifies a student to refer to Success Matters based on observations during class or discussions with the student about the following reasons:

  • Never Attended Class
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • Poor Attendance
  • Personal Problems
  • Late or Missing Assignments
  • Low Exam/Quiz Scores
  • Poor Class Motivation/Attitude/Lack of Purpose
  • Other