Blanket of Support

The goal of the CCSU Blanket of Support is to help you understand and learn how to access all of the resources available to students on your path to graduation.

Below are links to services around campus that support your academic, financial, and professional goals and boost your health and happiness.

Academic Support

Academic Advising

Aids students in developing educational plans, navigating university systems, and satisfying graduation requirements. Academic advising is an ongoing process that helps students clarify career and life goals and devise strategies to achieve them.

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Academic Coaching

Connects student athletes with academic advisors to assist with developing educational plans and study habits. The Center is dedicated to helping students satisfy graduation requirements, clarify career and life goals, and devise strategies to achieve them.

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Academic Center for Student Athletes

Provides students with new study strategies, better organization and time management skills, general moral support, and creates a supportive learning environment in which students are held accountable for their own success.

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Academic Integrity Workshop

Faculty may request one or more interactive sessions with individual students or student groups suspected of academic misconduct. Students work with an academic coach to practice and master learning strategies, academic goal setting, time management, and study strategies.

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Early Alert Program

Works to identify students struggling in their coursework and intervene early. This provides the opportunity to connect students with services and resources to increase their chances of success in a timely manner. The program seeks to improve students' chances of persisting at Central, their efforts and academic performance, and prevent students from withdrawing or failing courses.

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Learning Center

Provides academic coaching, tutoring, and other learning support services. Students can take advantage of intervention options, study skills workshops, placement testing, and events to help sharpen and learn other skills to improve their chances of academic success.

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Study Skills Workshop

Interactive sessions where students work in small groups with an academic coach to learn and practice helpful learning strategies. Workshops cover academic goal setting, time management, mindset, and study strategies.

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Success Central

Supports first- and second-year students by matching them with a junior or senior mentors trained to help students succeed. They help students with time management, study tips, where to go for help, and balancing life demands with classes.

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Free peer tutoring is offered by the Learning Center for Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biomolecular Science, Astronomy, Engineering, Engineering Technology-Mechanical Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management and Construction Management.

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Writing Center

Offers free, one-on-one tutoring to the Central community. In these sessions they provide resources, strategies, and techniques for writing across disciplines and genres.

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Career & Job Opportunities

Career Development Office

Offers support for students looking for employment opportunities by assisting with resumes, cover letters, career searches, and interview preparation both during their studies and after graduation.

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Career Fairs

Opportunities for students and alumni to connect and learn about prospective employers, internships, and job opportunities. The largest event is the Internship & Career Fair, which bring as many as 80 public, private, and non-profit organization to campus on the second Tuesday of October and February. Several other career fairs take place during the year dedicated to specific majors.

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On-Campus Employment

Work Study & Student Work

Students looking to earn money and work experience can seek on-campus employment through the Career Development Office.

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Provides students experiential learning and the chance to put knowledge learned in the classroom into practical application.

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Graduate Assistantships & Internships

Provides students with the opportunity to develop first-hand knowledge of higher education professions and gain hands on experience in many areas across campus. These experiential learning opportunities provide graduate students the environment to grow both personally and professionally.

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Health & Wellness

Counseling Services

Offers mental health counseling, as well as a range of services designed to support academic success and help students resolve emotional, inter-personal, behavioral, and other personal challenges.

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Health Services

Provides routine medical care to full- and part-time students and does not charge for office visits. A small charge may apply to lab tests, immunizations, treatments, and prescription medications.

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Wellness Education

Works collaboratively with students to enhance wellness capacity for students' optimal academic success, while minimizing the negative impact of drugs and alcohol.

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Suicide Prevention

Programs and resources for students, faculty, and staff, including CCSU Checks In, which encourages students to check in with one another about their mental health. Programs also train members of the campus community to be gatekeepers for suicide prevention.

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Student Support & Resources

Brotherhood Initiative

Serves as a resource for young men and their specific gender disparities. Provides access to wellness coaching, mentoring, and services aimed at the retention and graduation of college men. An inclusive and safe space where male students are supported and encouraged to reach their full human potential.

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Campus Faith Consultants

Promotes personal and communal growth and well-being. Faith consultants offer personal counseling, participation in discussion, and a variety of social, spiritual, and educational programs. While the consultants function as a unit, the consultants and chaplains foster a deeper appreciation of various faith traditions.

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Circle of Care

Assists students struggling with housing and food insecurity, homeless, or meeting other basic needs. Circle of Care meets students where they are and provides services to help them become independent.

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Drop-In Child Care Center

Provides high-quality, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate educational experiences for children ages 3-12, that is easily accessible and supportive of the needs of Central students, faculty, and staff.

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Financial Aid Office

Helps students find, apply for, and receive student loans, grants, scholarships, and other types of financial assistance to pay for their college education.

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Financial Literacy and Support

Provides students the knowledge and support they need to successfully navigate the challenges that come along with financing an education, living on their own for the first time, managing the financial aid process, and paying their bills.

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First-Year Connected

Helps first-year and first-generation college students adjust to campus life. Matches students with a university staff member serving as a non-academic coach to provide one-on-one support and link students to the campus resources that can help them succeed.

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Food Insecurity / Maria's Place

Provides the Central community with donated, non-perishable items to ensure that Central students, faculty, and staff can acquire the necessary items to fulfill basic needs.

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Lactation Rooms

Located in academic buildings, residence halls, and the library, lactation rooms on campus provide students, faculty, and staff who are new mothers quiet, private places to breastfeed or pump breast milk.

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LGBTQ Center

Provides a welcoming, creatively inspiring, and safe space for students, faculty and staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer, intersex, or allies. The Center's goal is to empower our LGBTQ+ campus family by creating cultural awareness, community connections and learning opportunities.

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Accommodates student, staff, and faculty that want to talk confidentially about an issue, problem, concern, or dispute on campus. However, the Ombudsman does not participate in formal grievance processes, hearings, or judicial process. The office offers unbiased assistance and guidance to resolve matters while keeping identities and communications in the strictest confidence unless given permission to disclose information.

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Student Disability Services

Works to ensure the Central campus is accessible to all students. They do this by offering assistive technologies & locations, workshops, phone apps, software, tools, and resources. Their goal is to help you succeed.

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Veterans Affairs

Helps veterans, service members, and their dependents transition to civilian campus culture by providing a place to study, network, access services, and share conversations. The Student Veterans Organization plans activities and ensures student veterans take advantage of the full VA educational benefits available.

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Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention

An on-campus resource for people who have been impacted by interpersonal violence, which can include (but is not limited to) sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

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Ruthe Boyea Women's Center

Provides services for and about women, including educational and cultural programs to promote gender equity, women's rights, leadership and independence. Encourages understanding and cooperation among women of varied socio-economic groups, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations.

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