University of Caen-Normandy

Caen, France

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With a wide variety of programs to choose from, the University of Caen gives students a balanced experience with both academics and adventure. The university offers sports and physical activities, cultural clubs, and events, and more for students to take part in outside of the classroom! Not only does the university offer multiple programs to study, but they also have a variety of ongoing research projects that students can take part in.

Registration: Students should complete the study abroad application on the CIE website before registering on the university’s website. Students should also check the University of Caen site, The application deadline is available on the university website. Students should check CCSU website and partner university website for any changes. For further assistance, questions, or updates, please contact CIE.

Academic Subjects

Academic programs cover four main fields of study; arts (literature and languages), law (economics and management), humanities and social sciences, science (technology and health).


Students will live on campus at the University of Caen.

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Program Details

Language Requirement: None

Language of Instruction: French/English

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Fall, Spring, Full-Year

Program: Undergraduate and Graduate

Program Costs

Students pay tuition and housing fees directly to the University of Caen.


Zongxiang Mei

Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Room 406
860 832 2043

Contact Information

Zongxiang Mei
International Education Coordinator
Center for International Education
Clarence Carroll Hall
Christine Chaihyung Park
University Assistant, Courses Abroad
Center for International Education