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Study Abroad Scholarships

Courses Abroad Scholarships
Eligibility Criteria

The Center for International Education offers a limited number of scholarships to participants in Course Abroad programs. To be considered eligible for CIE Course Abroad scholarship assistance, applicants must:

  • be matriculated at CCSU
  • be enrolled in at least 3 credits of coursework associated with the Course Abroad program
  • not receive tuition remission/ waivers
  • You must have a 3.0 GPA
  • complete the scholarship section of the Registration/Billing Authorization and Scholarship Application Form, and include the required essay with their registration submission

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis for those who meet the qualifications. Registration for a Course Abroad program does not guarantee the award of a scholarship.

Scholarship decisions are not made until after the program registration deadline.

Scholarship Prompts

Select one of the following four questions and attach a 750–1000-word essay to your application.

  1. How will participation in this program benefit you academically?
  2. How will your future employer benefit from your study abroad experience?
  3. Why have you chosen to study abroad in this particular program?
  4. What do you expect to learn from this experience?

Scholarship essays will be submitted with the Courses Abroad application, not before or after the student registers for the program. Students will have a limited timeframe to complete the application once they log onto the registration portal. Therefore, they are encouraged to start the essay for the scholarship before they register so they have enough time to fill all portions of the application out. The image below shows the scholarship upload section of the registration. Students who want to upload a scholarship essay will select "Yes" and then upload their essay where it says "Upload Essay."

screenshot of scholarship essay upload area

Semesters Abroad Scholarships

Students participating in long-term study abroad programs are encouraged to seek external scholarships. The link below can be used as a start in exploring external scholarships; students are encouraged to do additional web-research.

External Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Students are encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office; in many cases, financial aid can be used to cover travel costs, as well as course tuition. You could also reach to Student Financial Literacy for more information.

Students will be asked to answer the following three questions, each in 300 words or less, when submitting the semester abroad application:

  1. Describe how participating in the Semester Abroad Program will contribute towards your educational objectives.
  2. Describe what impact participating in the Study Abroad Program will have on your career plans.
  3. Describe how participating in the Semester Abroad Program will impact your personal life.