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Study Abroad Scholarships

Courses Abroad Scholarships
Eligibility Criteria

The Center for International Education offers a limited number of scholarships to participants in Course Abroad programs. To be considered eligible for CIE Course Abroad scholarship assistance, applicants must:

  • be matriculated at CCSU  
  • be enrolled in at least 3 credits of coursework associated with the Course Abroad program
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • not receive tuition remission/ waivers  
  • complete the scholarship section of the Registration/Billing Authorization and Scholarship Application Form, and include the required essay with their registration submission  

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis for those who meet the qualifications. Registration for a Course Abroad program does not guarantee the award of a scholarship.

Semesters Abroad Scholarships

Students participating in long-term study abroad programs are encouraged to seek external scholarships. The link below can be used as a start in exploring external scholarships; students are encouraged to do additional web-research.

External Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Students are encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office; in many cases, financial aid can be used to cover travel costs, as well as course tuition. You could also reach to Student Financial Literacy for more information.