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Italian Countryside

Schooling and Educating in Italy: Italian Teachers Teaching for a Changing Society

Schools are sociological spaces where knowledge is constructed, and the reproduction of knowledge and society is done. After World War II emerged a form of schooling led by women in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia known as Reggio Emilia, a child centered approach where inquiry and experience at the core of the schooling. As Italy and the USA grapple with educational policies and identity playing out in the political area, learning begins in schools. We visit Italian schools seeing the Reggio Emilia approach in action and visit other schools meeting the needs of all students. Additionally, we meet Italian students and teachers and learn how they teach to make society an accepting place for all. These topics are studied in EDEL 212 and SOC 494.

Starting in Rome we visit cultural sites, grounding our understanding of Italy and Italian culture. In Rome, we will visit schools or universities to understand schooling in a multiculturally diverse world class city. From Rome we travel north to Bologna—considered the culinary capital of Italy and a city of progressive ideals! Most of our time is in Bologna, where we meet with educators working within the Movimentto di Cooperazione Educativa “a group of teachers who work to create a school in which freedom of expression is promoted and space for creativity is given.” Day trips to schools within the city and region of Emilia Romagna are a must!

Visiting schools in another country helps broaden perspectives of educational possibilities, foster connections with international educators, share universal teacher stories, and learn how teachers work to make society a just place.

Those who join will be asked to keep a journal and write what was learned from teachers and students. No need to know Italian!

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3/11/2023 - 3/17/2023

Registration Deadline



EDEL 212 - Foundations of Educating & Schooling in Elementary Education, 3 credits

SOC 494 - Sociological Field Studies Abroad, 3 credits




A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarships will be a minimum of $500 based on the available funds. A minimum GPA requirement is 3.0! Scholarships are awarded on a first-first come first-served basis. The registration portal has a limited timeframe, we suggest you prepare your scholarship essay before starting the application! They are due together. Click here to see the scholarship prompts.

Program Director(s)

Prof. Michael Bartone
Literacy, Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Prof. A. Fiona Pearson
Sociology, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor