Student Disability Services Available Assistive Technology

Students should meet with a Student Disability Service (SDS) provider, as soon as possible to investigate available assistive technology (AT) and communicate needs. Training is available on all technology. The following is a list of some of the assistive technology we have on campus, and/or made available through SDS. Other AT may be available upon request and based on documented need.

  • FUSION software - combination JAWS and ZOOMTEXT -SDS, Marcus White computer lab, Library. Reads all information displayed on screen.
  • Windows 10 magnifier - and other accessible featuresthroughout campus
  • ZoomCaps - keyboard with large, bright yellow font keys
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - speech to text software
  • Livescribe echo smartpen - available on loan from SDS, if approved as an accommodation
  • Aegir smartpen- available on loan from SDS, if approved as an accommodation
  • Read and Write Google - software for text to speech. Available to students as an approved accommodation for PDF books, handouts and testing.
  • Public Scanners – SDS, Library, Marcus White computer lab, Student Center and many dorms.
  • Microphones - please indicate specific needs
  • Magnifiers - available as needed