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Student-led clubs and organizations each have two types of advisors: a program advisor who works in Student Activities/Leadership Development, and a Faculty Advisor.

Faculty Advisor

Every student organization, when chartered, is required to have a Faculty Advisor of record. Faculty Advisors must be full-time academic or administrative faculty members. Many Faculty Advisers have knowledge of a student organization’s history or Special interest. Club officers should contact their faculty advisor via email to set up a time to meet. Faculty advisors add continuity from year to year and assist new officers. The advisor is there to assist the organization, but not to control or change policies of the organization.

Program Advisor

Each student organization is assigned a member of the SA/LD office staff to be their Program Advisor. The role of the A/LD Program Advisor is to assist club officers with tasks such as purchasing, compliance with university policies, and hosting successful events. SA/LD Program Advisors can change year to year as graduate interns rotate through Student Activities. Program Advisors are up-to-date on all policies of the university and of SA/LD, and will serve as a resource for day-to-day student organization activities and program planning. Club Officers should contact their program advisors to ensure that the club is incompliance with current requirement and to discuss plans for the year. Students and faculty can check their club's page on Club Central (clubcentral.ccsu.edu) to see who is assigned to your group this year.