Undergraduate Student Services Center


The Undergraduate Advising Center offers many services for students interested in and admitted to the School of Education programs. Click on any of the arrows to learn more about our offerings.

Meeting with an advisor is an important part of declaring a major in an education program. Students who are considering or ready to declare a major in any education program need to learn about the requirements and expectations of the academic program. Advisors discuss required courses, admission to program, and field experience requirements. The student’s GPA and coursework is reviewed.

Students need to apply to their professional program sometime after they have enrolled in classes at Central. The application process can often be onerous and sometimes a source of stress. Advisors help students understand the specific requirements of their programs and aid candidates in navigating the application procedures.

Newly admitted transfer students majoring in a School of Education program are required to meet with an advisor for a Transfer Advising appointment.

During the Transfer Advising appointment, students will learn about program requirements for their major, general education requirements, and how their transfer credits fit into their curriculum. Students will also be advised for course selection and will learn how to register for classes.

There are six computers in the Advising Center, all available for student use. Students are welcome to use our conference table as study space or for group work.