Returning Students

Student Disability Services


Returning Students Semester Accommodation Requests and Testing Accommodations:

Academic accommodation requests are required on a semester-by-semester basis. Students should log onto the Accommodate site and follow the directions below to request accommodations. (Create a shortcut on your electronic device)

The Accommodate Software system will provide you with a dashboard of information on your registered classes, approved accommodations and more. It also allows you to make semester accommodation letter requests, and testing accommodation requests. Please log in with your CCSU Blue Net ID and Password to the accommodate system to get acquainted with the system and make the following requests. Please feel free to stop by our office to get individual instructions on using the system.

Semester Accommodation Letter Requests

Once in your Accommodate dashboard:

1.   Click: Accommodation tab (left side)

2.   Click: Semester Request

3.   Click Drop-Down: Choose and click semester

4.   Click: Add New

5.   Click Drop-Down: Choose and click semester again

6.   Click: Review the Renewal (to the right)

7.   Review your accommodation(s) and check the courses you wish to use your accommodation(s) for

8.   Click: Submit

Please note that in the event of significant health changes and/or there is a need for new accommodations, students should meet with a Disability Specialist. Students may be required to submit additional/updated documentation and meet with a Student Disability Services Specialist to complete the request before any decisions can be made.

Exam Accommodation Requests

Students should discuss all accommodations with their professors. Should a professor not be able to provide testing accommodations in the classroom, students should schedule testing accommodations in the SDS Testing Center. Students may schedule a proctored testing appointment through their Accommodate link using the following directions.

Once in your Accommodate dashboard:

1.    Click:  Testing Request Form

2.    Click: New Booking Request (blue tab under Pending Booking Requests)

3.    Click: Course - Drop down - (choose course you want to book the exam)

4.    Click: Yes or No to indicate if this is a final exam. (Finals have set times)

5.    Click: Building drop down - Select Willard Building Rm. 201 location

6.    Click: Day of the week for selection of times

7.    Choose a day and time by clicking Testing Center link on right side

8.    Do you need a different time? If so, click Yes

9.    Scroll Down: to select a different day and/or time

10.  Add date and time - e.g. 01/29/2018      1:00 PM

11.  Add faculty name, and make note if you have a reason for date/time change

12.  Click: YES

13:  Click: Submit Request – you will receive a copy of the email sent to your professor