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Registering for Services and Accommodations  

Welcome to Student Disability Services (SDS). At Central Connecticut State University, we are committed to providing qualified students with disabilities the necessary academic adjustments and accommodations to ensure equal access to programs, services, and activities. Should a student have an immediate accessibility need, they should contact the office directly. Otherwise, students should follow the steps below to register for services and accommodations:

INTAKE FORM: Students need to complete an Intake Form and provide documentation of their disability before approval of reasonable accommodations can be confirmed. Intake forms may be completed through the Accommodate link. Students will need their CCSU student ID number to complete this form. 

  • If student a does not have an ID, they may complete a paper Intake form, available in the SDS office, or through the following link, Intake Form.

DOCUMENTATION: Documentation of a disability is necessary to process a request for an accommodation. Documentation will depend on the nature of the disability and the type of accommodation requested. 

Documentation Guidelines

General examples:

  • Students with chronic physical or mental health related disabilities require a letter from a practitioner with diagnosis/diagnoses, functional limitations and include other background information. Housing accommodations also require information completed by physicians/clinicians. SDS prefers physicians/clinicians to complete a Disability Verification Form.
  • Students with Learning Disabilities require an evaluative/diagnostic record such as a psycho-educational evaluation or a neuropsychological evaluation. 
  • Students with vision or hearing loss may need documentation from the appropriate practitioner, again with functional limitations indicated.

INTAKE INTERVIEW: After the above-mentioned forms are completed, and documentation is collected, students should contact SDS at 860-832-1952, emailor stop by the office to schedule a confidential intake interview and documentation review with a SDS staff member. This intake meeting usually lasts no more than one hour.

APPROVED ACCOMMODATIONS: Frequently, accommodations are approved at the intake meeting. However, in some instances, SDS will need time to further gather documentation or evaluate the requested accommodations. It is our goal to process requests for accommodations in a timely manner, but documentation review and peak semester times may slow the process down. Please consider this when seeking accommodations and submit your requests as early as possible. Students will be notified if an accommodation is denied and it is recommended to discuss concerns with the Director of Student Disability Services. 

When accommodations are approved, SDS will generate letters of accommodation to the student and respective faculty members via campus email. Students are responsible to review letters of accommodation with their professors during office hours early in the semester to ensure mutual understanding. When meeting with professors, students should be prepared to clearly communicate their needs in relation to the specific accommodations they have been granted. Should there be any misunderstanding or concerns, students are responsible for contacting the SDS Director as soon as possible to discuss accommodations. Students receiving other campus accommodations will receive confirmation of the arrangements through their CCSU email.

Students are encouraged to contact the SDS office if they have questions about the above procedure, need accessible formats of forms, or need accessibility assistance immediately.

Student Disability Services
Willard-DiLoreto Hall, Room W 201